Specialties We Serve

A2Z Billing Solutions offers billing and coding support to over 20 healthcare specialties. We have billers with years of experience in 100+ software. We deliver high-quality medical billing & coding services to our clients. We have experience in the following areas of expertise:
We assist anesthesiologists in focusing on providing exceptional care for their patients. We work to improve their administrative and financial capabilities, 
Behavioral & Mental Health
We have a proven track record of assisting behavioral and mental health practices in managing and enhancing their revenue.
Cardiology Group
We enhance your cash flow by using our countless years of experience working with cardiology facilities.
Physician Practices
We work with a lot of physicians helping them with our expertise in revenue cycle management.
Dermatology Practices
We bring our years of expertise assisting dermatology clinics.
WE have years of experience working with many DME. A2Z Billing Solutions will help you get reimbursed within 35 days.
We provide GI billing and coding services with expertise, knowledge, and reliability, all while ensuring a revenue cycle free of errors for your clinic.
Surgical Centers
A2Z Billing Solutions helps Surgical Centers in providing exceptional patient care. Our clients mostly see an increase in revenue by 30% and a reduction in denials by at least 10%. We accomplish this by our experience, process integrity, and the use of a well-trained staff.
Oncology Practices
We use our substantial oncology billing experience and skills to create a solid billing, coding, and reimbursement procedure. A2Z billing solutions can lower your billing costs, improve revenue, and assure compliance with all regulations.
OB/GYN Practices
Our OB/GYN billing and coding services are performed with delicacy and accuracy, resulting in a seamless reimbursement experience for your clinic. To avoid claim denials, we maintain constant accounts receivable follow-up and prior authorization.
Orthotics & Prosthetics
We reduce operational costs and risks while offering you a best-in-class team, due to our extensive years of experience supporting orthotics and prosthetics practices.
Orthopedic Clinics
A2Z billing solutions assist orthopedic clinics in providing exceptional treatment to their patients by focusing on fiscal and technical efficiency. We will shrink your AR bucket by 20% within 30 days.
Pain Management
We provide pain management billing and coding services with expertise, knowledge, and precision, all while ensuring a revenue cycle free of errors for your clinic.
A2Z billing solutions supports pediatricians in delivering exceptional care for their patient children even while focusing on financial and accounting excellence.
Physician Practices
All of our operations are HIPAA compliant, and our team works hard to keep them that way. We know that Physician Billing is all about patient care and supports physicians in focusing on it.
Plastic Surgery
A2Z billing solutions is aware of the difficulties that Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialists experience.
We utilize our Podiatry billing and coding expertise to create a reliable and denial-free revenue cycle management. Our Podiatry billers and coders are focused on boosting your collections while allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.
Urgent Care
We work with urgent care settings helping them reduce their operational cost by 80%.

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